About Us

With a collective 100+ years of experience, WorkTech Advisory is the premier strategic advisory partner supporting global work and HR tech founders and senior executives.

Our Passion and Mission

We thrive on working with ambitious work and HR tech founders to help them achieve sustainable growth and reduce risks. Our team of advisors provides high-touch consultation to help our clients make critical decisions that shape their software business's growth, performance and value.

We understand that work and HR technology businesses face unique challenges and an ever-growing ecosystem of competitors. Our services are designed to provide clarity and guidance to help founders and senior executives confidently navigate these challenges. Whether you're looking to scale your business, reduce risks or gain a competitive edge, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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Our Team


Marilyn Pearson Hendricks, MBA

  Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Marilyn is an HR technology executive with 20+ years of experience. Her expertise spans numerous HR SaaS providers, and she has dedicated her career to advancing the technology, processes and mindset that support innovative people management used by organizations globally.

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Sharon O'Neill

Practice Area Leader
  Portland, Oregon, US

Sharon is a seasoned leader in tech with over 20 years of experience driving strategic revenue growth globally. Her expertise spans analyst relations, global sales, and innovative revenue strategies in areas like FinTech and SaaS. Sharon's educational background includes a DBA and MBA from Golden Gate University.

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Paul Storfer

Practice Area Leader
 New York City, New York, US

Paul is a thought leader in human capital and competency strategy, with a focus on proactive and integrated solutions to optimize profitability and long-term performance. He has extensive experience as a trusted advisor to C-suite and senior HR executives, and is an expert in talent management systems.

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Kirsten Robinette

Marketing Strategist
  Los Angeles, California, US

Kirsten has 11+ years of marketing experience in the human capital industry, with a focus on content strategy, execution, branding and channel distribution.

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Jeremy Citro

HR Solutions/SaaS Storytelling and Use Case Development Expert
 Worcester, Massachusetts, US

Jeremy has 15+ years of experience in B2B advisory services for HR executives. He specializes in scaling the customer success function, B2B HR advisory and SaaS sales engineering. With expertise in talent and labor market analytics, talent management and sourcing strategies, Jeremy excels in DE&I, digital talent strategy and product value proposition.

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What We Value


Leveraging our systematic approach, we seek to comprehensively understand our communities' current state and ecosystem and their goals and vision. To achieve this, we never approach internal or external conversations with judgment or bias. Instead, we encourage our people always to aspire to understand first, listening empathically and asking relevant and challenging questions when appropriate and necessary.


While we have a methodological advisory framework, our approach is never dogmatic. Our team is comprised of multiple disciplines and areas of specialization – creativity, and the ability to think freely are what unite us. This allows us to liberate ourselves from traditional thought processes when considering the needs of our community – while still operating in a framework that promotes ingenuity.

Being supportive

We support our community by asking the critical questions that help make a shift towards something more meaningful and that deliver on short and long-term goals. We always work within a framework of confidentiality, understanding that this, coupled with accountability, builds a mutual level of trust and loyalty.


We do what is right and in line with our morals. We don't take it lightly that we are positioned to drive significant change within our community's business. We confidently stand behind our approach and the solutions we propose. We communicate what we believe is the truth and operate within a framework that allows people to hear critical feedback. We do all of this to support our community in realizing its goals.

Intellectual curiosity

When approaching a prospective client or project, we leverage an extensive discovery framework to ensure we thoroughly grasp their current state and desired outcomes. We ask probing questions to get to the root of ideas and challenges. We stay current with discipline and market shifts, trends, and best practices. And we ensure our people always have a safe environment to ask questions, challenge opinions, and collaborate on projects.

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