Case Study: Starcircle

From Complexity to Clarity: Empowering Transformation and Client Retention Through Strategic Direction


WorkTech Advisory helped to elevate our thinking to go beyond what we had previously thought possible. They worked very closely with our team to crystallize our strategy, develop our community and provide more value for our clients. We got a better understanding of our own business as well as our clients and their clients' needs.

James Galvin
Founder & CEO of Starcircle


WorkTech Advisory's collaboration with Starcircle allowed them to enhance their positioning, engage with clients strategically and build a community around the important issues that impact hiring friction. With a focus on refining Starcircle's vision, WorkTech Advisory helped the company achieve a 20% improvement in client retention rates. Throughout the 18-month collaboration, the WorkTech Advisory team acted as close advisors and mentors to Starcircle, providing reliable support and guidance.

About Starcircle

Starcircle, based in Cork, Ireland, is a talent-sourcing engine collaborating with top tech and life sciences firms such as Amazon, Cisco, and Roche. Its platform empowers clients with talent intelligence and access to hidden talent pipelines, driving diversity and improving hiring outcomes. With a data-driven approach, Starcircle offers on-demand services through the Starcircle Sourcing Network, complemented by advisory expertise to assess hiring challenges and guide clients throughout their hiring journey.


Before working with WorkTech Advisory, Starcircle encountered difficulties with its transactional approach and ability to articulate its value proposition. Customers sought simple solutions for complex problems, resulting in misaligned expectations and a higher client turnover rate. Starcircle needed to go beyond its existing offering and create a clear framework for communicating its value.

Listen to James Galvin on the #HRTechChat podcast with Brent Skinner from 3Sixty Insights.

In this episode, James and Brent go on a "walkabout," deeply discussing artificial intelligence and talent acquisition topics.

Problems solved

  • Refining Starcircle's voice and articulating their value proposition
  • Reviewing strategic direction and renewing the company's vision
  • Defining a framework for enhanced client and community engagement around the issues that give rise to hiring friction

Key takeaways

  • Strategic guidance to define a high-level go-to-market plan, including engagement model and pricing
  • Facilitating strategic connections with analysts and influencers within the industry ecosystem
  • Developing a thought leadership content framework and a hiring friction maturity model
  • Building a community to foster closer client engagement
  • 20% improvement in client retention rates

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