Case Study: The Cloud Connectors

Strategic Proposition Pivot Results in Accelerated Revenue Model Projections and Enhanced Market Recognition


[WorkTech Advisory] wanted us to succeed – they truly believed in our collaboration. We had worked with others before, and their in-depth view and industry insights were like nothing I've seen before. To us, it was a no-brainer.

Pierre Rousseau
President of The Cloud Connectors


With a focus on sales and marketing enablement, value proposition refinement and strategic introductions, WorkTech Advisory leveraged its deep domain expertise to successfully pivot The Cloud Connectors' image as an integration consulting firm to an HR technology integrations software company. Selected due to its ability to digest the complex and technical world of integrations quickly, WorkTech Advisory revamped The Cloud Connectors' key messaging, website, target audience, sales pitch and processes resulting in an accelerated revenue model by a factor of two to three.

About The Cloud Connectors

Based in Quebec, Canada, The Cloud Connectors is a software company with over 20 years of experience specializing in complex and tailored HR integrations. With a relentless commitment to optimizing HR technology, their dedicated software seamlessly interconnects diverse HR solutions, serving the needs of large organizations amidst the ever-evolving market landscape.


The Cloud Connectors struggled to transition from its perception as being a consulting firm with integration software to a specialized integrations software vendor with a robust services department. This perception hampered their market position and revenue model. The Cloud Connectors also lacked the network to strategically collaborate with industry analysts and influencers in the HR technology space, stalling the firm's awareness with its target audience.

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Problems solved

  • Revising and aligning The Cloud Connectors' overall vision with their transformation goals
  • Repositioning the firm as a specialized integrations software vendor with a robust services department
  • Amplifying market recognition by strategically targeting and engaging key audiences
  • Pivoting positioning messaging to resonate within the HR technology industry effectively

Key takeaways

  • Accelerating revenue model projections, surpassing original expectations by two to three times
  • Strategic introductions to influential industry analysts and thought leaders, expanding The Cloud Connectors' network and reach
  • Collaborative development of a comprehensive and strategic business roadmap
  • Enhancing website branding, precise audience targeting, refining sales pitch messaging and streamlining sales processes to drive customer acquisition and retention

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