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WorkTech Advisory Teams Up with Myppl to Revolutionize Leadership Coaching for HR and Work Technology Executives

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WorkTech Advisory

--Minneapolis, MN – Global advisory solution provider WorkTech Advisory is proud to announce its partnership with Myppl, a data-driven platform aiming to streamline and innovate how startup and scaleup leaders acquire skills for driving organizational growth.

"Good HR leaders care about their people. They strive to equip their teams with tools to support them in daily challenges," said Tom Jozefacki, CEO and Co-Founder at Myppl. "And while coaching is an excellent opportunity to support talent in acquiring new skills, up to 65% of coaching relationships fall through. That's why we're building a science-based platform that assures better matching and more successful coaching relationships. We're glad we got this opportunity to build a partnership with WorkTech Advisory to build a better future of learning."

"As strategic advisors to HR and work technology founders and senior executives, we're uniquely positioned to identify areas of opportunity where leadership teams need to upskill and gain further coaching. Partnering with Myppl opens up many doors for our clients and prospects to acquire the specialized skills they require to grow their organizations," Howard Flint, Co-Founder and President at WorkTech Advisory, added.

The Vision Behind the Partnership

The cornerstone of this partnership is the shared vision between WorkTech Advisory and Myppl: to enable businesses to achieve sustainable growth and enhance performance and value.

The Synergy

  • WorkTech Advisory brings its industry expertise in supporting HR and work technology leaders to confidently navigate the challenges associated with an ever-growing ecosystem of competitors to achieve short- and long-term goals.
  • Myppl offers its innovative platform where employers and employees can effortlessly match with the most fitting coaches.

About WorkTech Advisory

With a collective 100+ years of experience, WorkTech Advisory (WTA) is the premier strategic advisory service supporting global HR and work technology organizations. It thrives on providing long-term, high-touch consultation to ambitious HR and work technology founders and their top executives. Its clients seek sustainable growth, risk reduction and clarity on critical decisions that shape their software business's growth performance and value.

About Myppl

Myppl is a platform designed to remove friction from coaching. Its unique data-driven method assures effective coaching for employers and their teams. Myppl system empowers startup and scaleup leaders to acquire skills essential for driving company growth. From matching teams with top-tier coaches around the globe to maintaining fruitful collaborations thanks to automated session booking, insights, reports, and feedback flows.



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